Martha and Mary

Please consider supporting the new Martha & Mary (M2) ministry!

This ministry welcomes all OLP ladies and teen girls (confirmation age & up) to serve and pray in our own parish and in our local community. Read more about the basics of the ministry.


Next Meeting: April 4, at 6 PM in the Parish Hall Lodge

Read Suzy's most update: Mary and Martha (M 2 ) Ministry: M2 and Theology (1 Mar 23)

Please send your questions and ideas to Suzy Streeter at [email protected].

Report your volunteer hours: https://forms.gle/UpddKomWg6Je94Zv7

View our parish totals here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQ_9x9OyMVrwjjQBVVylAhIl6BWnX7g3yGHZsv9iqPdm01GFNYWXRq6UC_K-_zBkx4cB_TVt5k9jCUh/pubhtml