Life Safety Team

  The purpose of the Life Safety Team (LST) Ministry is a single point of contact for the church for all non-Liturgical incidents, issues and conflicts that need attention during Masses and designated special events. The LST ministers to the safety and security of the church, protection and medical needs of all parishioners and visitors, and responds to the general disturbances. The LST servers at all Masses, and at special events as required. 

The primary role of the LST is to display a safe and secure presence on church property, or at certain off-site events if required, and to be prepared for any incidents that may arise. This a very unique ministry because the LST interfaces with people that others might possibly shy away from. In concert with other ministry teams (i.e. Hospitality etc.) the LST offers everyone who steps foot on Our Lady of the Pines property, or attends an event, a sincere greeting of welcome and openness. This type of greeting can diffuse a bad situation and often leads to a great ministry opportunity and a way ahead for individuals looking for help.  For more information email [email protected]



  • If you observe a safety concern( i.e., something that needs repaired) please click here to fill out the Safety Reporting Form.