Our Lady of the Pines has subscribed to a dynamic and exciting online platform called FORMED.  This “Catholic version of Netflix,” FORMED, is the revolutionary digital platform that gives you unprecedented access to the best Catholic content.

There are video-based study programs, feature films, audio presentations, and eBooks from the Church’s foremost presenters. Wherever you are in your faith, FORMED will help you grow in your faith, find deeper peace with God, and share what you believe with others. 

All parishioners have 24/7 FREE access to the best Catholic content on any device, including your computer, smartphone and tablet with internet access through this exclusive access for Our Lady of the Pines parishioners.

Registering on FORMED is easier than ever!

1. Go to FORMED.org/signup

2. Enter your parish zip code or name to select your parish

3. Enter your name and email

If you have any questions about FORMED or have trouble accessing your free account, please contact our main office at 719-495-2351 and we will be happy to help!


Unlimited Use for Our Entire Parish

300+ episodes of video-based study programs

35+ feature films and movies

45+ audio presentations

25+ eBooks

Available in English and Spanish!

Available 24/7


300+ episodes of transformational video-based study programs including accompanying study guides essential for discipleship


48 life-changing Lighthouse Talks™ for evangelization made easy


40 captivating full-length feature films bring families together


Dozens of inspiring eBooks to enliven the faith of both individuals and groups

Compelling and Trustworthy Teachers