Cynthia Stalp

Cynthia Stalp - Business Manager

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 719-495-2351 Ext 225
Cynthia Stalp has been with Our Lady of the Pines since January 2013. As the Business Manager, Cynthia coordinates and conducts the financial business affairs of the parish.  She assists in the daily management and operations of the parish facilities and events.  This includes commications systems, supplies, and information technology.  She is responsible for human resources and management of electronic databases as well as internal processes and control. She works with the Pastor and Financial Council to develop budgets, handling church accounting and finances, presenting financial information to church councils, managing funds, and administering payroll.  Cynthia received her degree in Business Management and Finance from the University of Arizona.

Cynthia, her husband Steve, and 4 children have been parishioners of Our Lady of the Pines since 2009 after moving from Arizona.  When not working, Cynthia enjoys relaxing and spending time with her family and friends.