Enter or View Prayer Requests - September 2020

Join us by both sharing your own requests and praying for the needs of others. Post your prayer or pray for the intentions of others.  To post your prayer request, add a comment and click submit. Your prayers will be submitted to an administrator for posting to our online community prayer board. The prayers will appear on this public site. If you'd like to remain anonymous, please type "Anonymous" on the form in place of your name.  For questions, please email [email protected]


  • AlfredPosted on 11/21/20

    “Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, please smile on Eric. Please help him to see and experience your great love for him. Please help and inspire Eric’s heart. Please encourage faith and in all your promises. Sacred Heart of Jesus, God is good. Please help Eric to partake the goodness of God. Sacred Heat of Jesus, God is love. Please help Eric to know God’s love! Please give Eric the grace of conversion and salvation. Please walk with Eric now and always...Amen”

  • Hull JennPosted on 10/26/20

    Prayers are needed for Anna Kurtz who is undergoing chemotherapy. Please pray for strength, faith, and healing.

  • Jessica m.Posted on 10/08/20

    At 42 years old I found out Im a donor child and my dad is not my biological dad. I worry God will not accept me. I worry my grandparents who are in heaven wont accept me. I hurt so bad. I feel alone. Please send a prayer my way. Ill be forever grateful.

  • Jeffry F MaschlerPosted on 9/28/20

    Please pray for President Donald J Trump, his family, and his mission to restore this nation's greatness.

  • CherylePosted on 9/27/20

    Please guide me and help me find a solution for my daughter’s situation. Please keep her and her children safe. Help Shirantha to open his heart and not follow through on his rash and impulsive ideas. Open his heart so that he can find and accept God. Please put a containment barrier around all of the negativity, show them God’s light and love but allow no harm to me or my family. Please heal my arthritis so I can move and walk again without the severe chronic pain and help me find self-discipline to lose my excess weight. Please dear God help me acquire the money needed to provide for myself and my family for now and in the future. I know that with your love all things are possible. Please show me what I need to do. Please help Tayah with her health and help Charity to find a job and her way back to God. Please let my dad’s probate case end as quickly, peacefully and positively as possible. Please restore Sonia’s health and heal her so that her cancer can go back into remission. Please give us the courage and strength and clarity to find the right solution, your solution. Amen

  • Louis HofingPosted on 9/27/20

    Please pray for Catholic and prolife Justice Amy Barrett and her family that they have strength to get through all the vicious attacks and hatred as she goes through the nomination process for the Supreme Court. May God Bless and stay at their side always. Amen

  • Jonathan MPosted on 9/27/20

    I am praying for a new heart and new mind that is deeply in love with my wife alone. I want to be free of the emotional attachment and baggage from a former relationship that I did not know I was bringing into our marriage so that I can be free to love my wife as she deserves to be loved. I am praying for complete healing and restoration of trust of my wife in me.

  • Alisha GivehchiPosted on 9/26/20

    Please dear God sever any and all negativity in all of our lives. Please bring back and save Shirantha’s true spirit, self, and soul that is loving, kind and caring. Thank you for getting all of us in the protection of the dome with only God’s light and love in it. Please protect Orion and Athena from all negativity from Shirantha and his mother at all times. Let us to always see God’s truth and to see past all of the obstacles and illusions of the negativity, to hear only your voice dear God and be guided by your love and truth. Please make us victorious over the battle with the negativity and live a great and loving life through God’s grace. Amen.

  • Rea DanzlPosted on 9/25/20

    For my grandson Aaron that God will help him find direction in his life and help him to find a job.

  • MarcPosted on 9/22/20

    I ask for you to join with me in praying for my marriage. My wife has been in pursuit of another man for about a year and is going to pick up his daughter to get their nails done. She is trying to trick him into being with her claiming she is single. She has an online dating profile. I am praying for reconciliation, restoration, protection of our marriage, forgiveness and healing: Matthew 19:16, Hebrews 13:14, Colossians 3:13, Ephesians 4:31-32, Psalm 147:3, 1 Peter 3:8, Psalm 19:14, Psalm 18:30, Romans 12:10

  • Elaine GagnePosted on 9/20/20

    Please pray for Cecilia Agalad, my daughter-in-law’s mother who lives in the Philippines. She Has been struggling with pneumonia for several weeks and her heart is operating at only 25% efficiency. Cecelia has asked for prayers and will be happy to know that my parish community is praying for her.

  • Patricia VictorPosted on 9/20/20

    For my family that is going through a divorce and my young grandchild for the pain they a suffering during the painful time.

  • Kathy and JohnPosted on 9/19/20

    Madeline Johnson needs a miracle. She is 4 months old and had heart surgery yesterday. We are lifting her up to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus for miraculous and complete healing.