Charity and Social Justice

Charity and Social Justice (CSJ) is a dedicated group of volunteers that holds a monthly meeting the third Tuesday of the month in the Parish Hall, from 6pm-8pm and are always looking for new members who have a willingness to join God's call to help others in need.

Below is a list of singular and ongoing events engaged by CSJ.   For more information or to to become a member of one the these endeavors, email [email protected].


This ministry has a variety of drives through the year, in addition to the ongoing non perishable food drive.

Black Forest Cares Food Bank

The collection and distribution of food items to the Black Forest Cares food pantry helps bridge the gap between hunger and abundance in the Black Forest community.  It is part of the Care and Share Food Bank.  This project in ongoing throughout the year.

Catholic Charities Food Pantry

The collection and distribution of food items to Catholic Charites to help all of Colorado Springs. It is part of the Care and Share Food Bank and this project in ongoing throughout the year.

Elder Boxes

This activity provides shoe boxes with simple and small items for several poor and underprivileged tribal communities living in and around Colorado that One Nation Walking Together charity supports.  This project traditionally is in the Oct or Nov time frame.

Giving Tree

This ministry collects and gives gifts to underprivileged children , teenagers, and adults for Christmas who are part of organizations such as: New Hope Shelter, Goodwill Adult Day Care, The Marion House, Urban Peak Homeless Teens, selected OLP members, and uniquely identified local military families in our community.

Operation Rice Bowl

Catholic Relief Services conducts a Lenten faith formation program that involves parishes, schools, religious education programs, and families and individuals, where funds are collected in cardboard boxes to fight global hunger and poverty.

Project Rachel

This official Catholic and American Bishop outreach , for post-abortive women and men, compassionately serves all by providing confidential and compassionate ministry to anyone impacted by abortion with a special select team of counselors. This project is ongoing throughout the year.

Respect Life

The managing Diocesan office organizes and promotes events that foster a greater understanding of the Church's teachings to respect life in all its phases.  All events support Colorado Springs and surrounding communities.

Sock Drive

This campaign collects socks in various sizes and colors to support Catholic charities and One Nation Walking Together in their efforts to properly clothe young children, teenagers, and adults in our local community and surrounding Indian Reservations.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter Dinner Boxes

The food collection and building of a box with a complete assortment of items so the recipient families can have a special meal during the holidays.  This ministry directly supports members of our OLP parish community and selected local military families.