2019 Service Week


Our Lady of the Pines Service Week is a collaborative event that celebrates our parish's love of service! Each year our middle school, high school, and parents come together for 3 days to give back to our community. We spend each day learning about each others' gifts and talents while using them to help those within our local community. We hope you are able to join us!

  1. When will it take place? Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday starting June 26-28, 2019. Each day will run approximately 8 am - 12 pm.
  2. Where will it take place? All 3 days will take place at Our Lady of the Pine's property! Most tasks will take place outside.
  3. How will transportation work? Each day the parent or guardian is responsible for transportation of their registered youth. Carpooling is encouraged!
  4. Will snacks be served? Yes, each day our youth will be provided water and snacks! When you register your youth you will also be ale to notate any food allergies. 
  5. What will my child need to bring and wear? We ask that your child come dressed to work in the appropriate attire. Please make sure they arrive with close toed shoes, slathered up with sunscreen, with a hat and sunglasses, and with a reusable water bottle marked with their name.
  6. Who do I contact with questions about this event? Megan Vrooman, Director of Middle School and Confirmation Ministries by emailing [email protected]

Download Informational Flyer Here: