Lighthouse--Grade 5 & 6

Get ready for a new and exciting track for our 5th and 6th graders as part of our BIG WEDNESDAY Sessions.  This hands-on, station-based faith formation ministry will empower our young church to let the Light of our great God shine through their lives and show them the way of discipleship...just like a real Lighthouse! 

What is the Commitment?  Select Wednesdays.  Two options:  4:00-5:30 pm or 6:00-7:30pm, as well as a commitment to participate in parish-wide and faith formation yearly events.

Parent's Role:  Parents are asked to participate in the Openings and Closings of each BIG WEDNESDAY session in the church.  Additionally, parents also make a commitment to spend time with their children completing the "GOSPEL WEEKLIES" take-home material, ask these materials are an essential part of the ministry, as well as attend Mass weekly.

A note on registration:

 2019-2020 Faith Formation and Sacramental Preparation registration is offered from May 1-August 15, 2019.

 Please email  for more information.